Our story: Common ground

Together with partners worldwide, the Netherlands is striving to solve the many challenges facing our societies and our planet. Climate change. Energy transition. Food security. Global health. These challenges are too big to solve alone.  

NL Pavilion Common Ground
On 'common ground' we work together to find solutions for major global challenges

Bringing different perspectives together helps us to better understand and respect each other, think outside the box and discover possibilities that we would never have thought of on our own. Here we can create groundbreaking solutions for a more sustainable and healthier way of life for everyone. 

Our history and mentality  

In the fight against water, Dutch people learned to put aside their differences to work towards a common goal. Out of this arose a shared energy that still shapes our mentality to this day; the power to solve major challenges together with great ingenuity. This common ground made The Netherlands rise from the water. Not only to protect ourselves from water, but also to learn to live together with the elements.  

By combining the energy in all people, different expertise and ideas, we were able to protect our coastlines, harness the power of wind to claim land from the sea and develop a sophisticated system of water management. This mentality of finding Common Ground, is the foundation of The Netherlands we know today, both in terms of landscape and mindset. 

Common ground is our meeting space 

At Expo 2025 the Netherlands wants to invite you on to common ground. Our pavilion is an open meeting space where we can explore innovative ideas and spark collaborations that will power a new dawn. We’ll explore new methods of living, renewable energy, circularity, life sciences and health; agrifood and horticulture; new technologies and digitalisation. And how art and design can spark innovation and even smarter solutions.