A New Dawn

We humans are guests on earth. Our planet is a closed system, nothing more is added. Everything that does not grow is limited, which is why we are confronted with the finiteness of our fossil energy sources and material supply. How could we make the finite infinite?

Our vision at Expo Osaka 2025 

Designed as a fully circular building, our pavilion features an anthropogenic (‘man-made’) sun. It symbolises the rising sun – a future empowered by collaboration and energy that is clean, unlimited, and accessible for all: a new dawn. Visitors are introduced to new innovative solutions in the field of energy transition. New technologies that can harness the infinite power contained in water. 

Saving lives 

Clean and renewable energy resources that are accessible for all will open up boundless possibilities for sustainable innovation that enable people to live a healthy and happy life. Innovations that are able to save and improve lives. Together, we can pioneer solutions to fight climate change, increase food supply, futureproof our cities and improve global health.

The challenge of an energy transition 

Energy plays a pivotal role in our lives. As energy is at the heart of everything we need and do, we must fast track the transition to clean and renewable energy. Today, the world is facing two urgent challenges when it comes to energy transition: scarcity of raw materials and the end of our dependency on fossil fuels.  

We need to use resources and materials that lessen the burden on our planet and transition to clean and limitless energy that is accessible for all. With the renewable power of wind, sun and water, we can create a new dawn; a sustainable and resilient future for all people based on innovation, design and circular concepts.