Business Programming at the Netherlands Pavilion during Expo 2025 Osaka

Public and private parties have presented their joint plans for business programming prior to and during Expo 2025 Osaka in Japan.


In the Netherlands Pavilion, events and activities will be organised for 6 months for and by Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions, governments, and (cultural) organisations that are (or want to be) active in the Japanese market. Programming is designed around 5 promising themes and sectors: Life Sciences & Health, incl. sport (LSH), Energy, Horticulture and Sustainable Food Production & Consumption, High-Tech & Digitalisation (HTDX), and Culture.

During Expo 2025, Osaka, the Netherlands Pavilion will provide a meeting place for companies, knowledge institutions and (cultural) organisations. The pavilion will host a variety of events organised by different Dutch sectors. The aim is to stimulate international cooperation, present innovation, and exchange knowledge, expertise and ideas.

Life Sciences & Health

The Netherlands and Japan face shared challenges that require smart solutions in healthcare, specifically in sectors such as digitalisation, regenerative medicine, healthy aging, and sports. During Expo 2025, public and private stakeholders will travel together to Japan to exchange ideas. This collaboration, with Topsector Health~Holland leading the way, strengthens ties between the two countries and promotes a healthier future. The LSH track will visit Japan in June 2025 during the Expo Health and Well-being Week.

Energy, sustainability & circular economy

Energy security is becoming an increasingly important topic for international cooperation. Japan and the Netherlands both have innovative solutions to make our energy supply more sustainable. The Netherlands wants to cooperate on hydrogen, offshore wind, ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage), circular building, and more. During the Expo Future of Earth and Biodiversity Week in September 2025, Dutch companies, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, will travel to Japan to engage with Japanese partners at the Expo.

Sustainable Food Production & Horticulture

The Netherlands and Japan can collaborate to make food production more sustainable and to develop innovative technologies. During the Expo Necessities of Life: Food, Clothing and Shelter Week in June, Dutch and Japanese stakeholders in foodtech and alternative proteins exchange ideas and knowledge. OostNL is leading these efforts to promote joint progress in food production. The horticulture sector also offers great potential for further cooperation between Japan and the Netherlands. The increasing urgency in Japan to increase domestic food production creates new opportunities for investment and development. The Dutch sector can contribute to large-scale projects and high-tech horticultural solutions. Dutch Greenhouse Delta is the leader of this track, visiting Japan in September next year to stimulate cooperation and seize opportunities.

High-Tech & Digitalisation (HTDX)

Rapid digitalisation and technological developments require innovative solutions. The Netherlands and Japan share many common challenges such as aging, labour shortages, and carbon emissions . The HTDX track focuses on advanced semiconductors, photonics, nano and quantum technology, AI, 5G/6G, and smart cities . The Dutch Embassy in Japan is the lead agency for this track, which will travel to Japan in May 2025 during the Expo Future of Community and Mobility Week.


Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai will be a platform for international exchange in the field of art, culture, and heritage . Japan and the Netherlands have a strong historical bond. In 2025,we will celebrate 425 years of cultural and economic relations between our two countries. The Nieuwe Instituut, curator of the cultural programme , will develop a multivocal programme in collaboration with the Netherlands- and Japan - based organisations and makers. It will build upon our differences and cultivate learning and exchange. A wide variety of cultural disciplines will shape an exciting programme: from design, photography, and dance, to digital art, fashion, and architecture. The events will take place both in and around the Netherlands Pavilion and beyond.