Building consortium: A New Dawn (AND) BV

NL Pavilion - a New Dawn

From 1992 onwards, RAU architects has been operating from a strong sense of awareness with respect to designing environmentally friendly buildings, led by its founder Thomas Rau. Since then, the firm has become an authority in the fields of energy-positive buildings and circular architecture, gaining several awards for its pioneering designs. with its work it aims to minimise the CO2 and material impact of buildings.

RAU is one of the first studios that started focusing on circularity by designing buildings as ‘raw material depots’. A building like Liander headquarters was the first building designed for re-construction and equipped with a raw materials passport. RAU’s Triodos Bank headquarters is the first large-scale 100 percent wooden, remountable office building.

The RAU architectural team is devoted to the long-term interests of the Earth and its inhabitants aiming to minimise the carbon and material impact of buildings. According to RAU a truly sustainable building is circular, energy efficient and takes into account the effects on social and physical wellbeing of its users.


DGMR is an independent Dutch consultancy agency (SME) with applied physics as its work field. It delivers high quality services and products to improve the living and working environment, with great emphasis on sustainability, safety and health.

DGMR was founded in 1980, by engineers Van Dalfsen, Gies, Meerdink and Van Rangelrooij. They strive to connect quality and creativity. To search for the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. To think along with clients in order to surprise them with optimal and integrated solutions. DGMR is involved as a consultant for the construction of public buildings, such as retail, education, health care, hotels, museums, cinemas, theatres, stations and stadiums. Also for residential buildings, offices and of these two functions combined. This involves new housing development, as well as renovations, rezoning and restorations. 

The agency consists of staff members with various technical backgrounds. 240 experts who aim to be the best in their field. Their specialised knowledge does not only help clients; they share that knowledge through their networks, at colleges and universities.


Tellart is an international experience design studio founded by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduates in 2000. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and employs 15 people from 8 nationalities. Tellart designs transformative experiences to help organisations understand the future, in a way that resonates profoundly with their audiences. In doing so, they create new ways for people to explore, understand and enjoy our world.

Tellart uniquely combines future foresight, emerging technology and traditional design craft across the following services.Their design strategy? To help people understand the complex societies in which we live and the downstream implications of the decisions we make today.


Asanuma Corporation is a Tokyo Stock Exchange prime listed general construction company headquartered in Naniwa-ku, Osaka Japan. Founded in 1892, Asanuma has nine regional branches across Japan. The company employs 1273 people and has an annual revenue of EUR 948 million.  

“Since the establishment of our company in 1892, Asanuma stays true to our founding philosophy: ‘spirit of harmony’ and ‘sincerity, enthusiasm and creativity’, according to the spirit of ‘good work lead to more work’. With this foundation, by always keeping up with the times and meeting the interest of our clients and other stakeholders with sincerity, we have been able to build trustworthy relationships. And because of that, we could celebrate our 130th anniversary in January 2022. We would like to express our appreciation to everyone for their unwavering support and patronage.”